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Are you wondering what is with this shabby chic bedroom furniture and why people are opting for it? Well, here is a quick insight into the world of this unique interior décor style. Well, shabby signifies something that is torn and worn, while chic symbolizes fashion and glamour. So, this kind of bedroom furniture blends the chic and the shabby looks together to create a very appealing and unique style. The shabby chic look is perfect for a soft romantic mood. Choosing the right bedroom furniture is very essential and nothing can be classier than a vintage look.

Why it’s special?

The shabby chic furniture for bedroom will ensure that you get the perfect amalgam of elegance, fashion and vintage look. You will get a plethora of options in terms of furniture and fabrics when going for the shabby chic look.
·         Wooden furniture with torn and worn look along with a cozy feel is the main USP.
·         Natural fabrics ranging from printed cotton to wool, silk to linen and many more options are available.
·         Beautiful vintage looking rugs will give you more options for decoration.
·         Floral or textured geometric prints on the worn out furniture will give a very unique look.
·         Dressing tables, side tables, shelves or small wall units can also be painted with the shabby chic paint.
·         Beds with engraved headboards or ornate beds with French design are apt for a shabby look. Chic cushions and bed sheets will complete the look.
·         Rustic shabby chic furniture options like side tables or wardrobes and other furniture sets are also available for the bedroom.
·         The mirrored-glass furniture with vintage look can also be perfect to create a shabby chic look.
·         Smoke grey, white, straw, golden and a wide range of colors can be used for the shabby chic vintage look.

It is best to have a look at the wide range of bedroom furniture available online for a shabby chic look and then choose the one that is appropriate for you.



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